Why January 2019?

The hiking conditions and requirements for the original and new start dates couldn’t be more different.

  1. The start date was originally planned for 30 August 2018 = sun and heat, 35-45 degrees, t-shirts, summer sleeping bag, hiking sandals, and 6 litres of water per day.
  2. The start date now is 6 January 2019 = cold, 5-17 degrees, long sleeves, down sleeping bag, waterproofs, and enough food in case the hostels are closed.

1000 km from Sevilla to Santiago for children with cancer – a project dear to our hearts.

The journey is the destination! I look forward to your support on my journey to Santiago!

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  • Proellochs Heinz / 5. February 2019:
    Liebe Jule, als ich den Beitrag zu deiner Aktion in... »
  • Elisabeth / 29. January 2019:
    Hallo Jules, alle Achtung den Weg im Januar zu gehen!!!... »
  • Angelika / 18. January 2019:
    Ich ziehe meinen Hut vor Dir und ich bin stolz,... »
  • Witzel ,Sabine / 17. January 2019:
    Hallo Jule ,eine ganz tolle Aktsion die Sie hier gestartet... »
  • Anne / 15. January 2019:
    Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Pilgerweg mit tollen Erfahrungen! Ich... »