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About the project !

With the You Can Help project, we are supporting the Stuttgart Foundation for Children with Cancer. Together with the Managing Director Ms Cornelia Völklein, we have set up a cooperation agreement so that all donations are divided between three projects within the Foundation.

We would like to point out that all donations go to the Foundation for Children with Cancer who help finance these three projects.

Travel costs, material costs and other expenses are covered privately by the initiators of You Can Help.

For transparency, we would like to present the three projects in more detail.

Das Blaue Haus

“Das Blaue Haus” (the Blue House) was bought with private donations in 2009 and had been fully renovated and refurbished by 2011.
Since then, the 3-storey house spread over 900m2 has been offering temporary housing to the families of children with cancer.
Near to Olga Hospital in Stuttgart, it provides a quiet retreat for families to be close by during treatment. The Blue House is financed almost exclusively by small and large donations. Families make just a small contribution so they can concentrate on the treatment and supporting their child.

Donations from You Can Help will go towards maintenance, heating costs, internet, cleaning and personnel costs. We want to help keep this great project alive and offer families some comfort during this difficult time.

Drama therapy

Drama therapy is a type of artistic therapy alongside art therapy, music therapy and dance therapy.
Still relatively unknown in Germany, it is a creative process with an active, experiential approach and healing effect (catharsis) that aims to facilitate personal growth, mental health and change.

With You Can Help, we want to support the therapist Anja Feldmann who is working with the Stuttgart Foundation for Children with Cancer. With a large choice of therapy options, patients can select the therapy that suits them. Drama therapy at Olga Hospital is currently only possible thanks to funding from the Stuttgart Foundation for Children with Cancer because the health care system does not cover it.

We want to use donations to help subsidise this type of therapy and help more young patients enjoy more therapy sessions.

Dolphin therapy for Vivian

But Vivi suffered a toxic reaction comparable with a stroke and fell into a coma. Her chances of survival were slim but neither the family nor Vivi were prepared to give up and she has fought her way back into life over the last four years. Dolphin therapy brings strength to her, her 14-year old sister Melissa and the rest of her family.

In 2016, she started to show signs of mental and physical progress. Combined with physiotherapy, dolphin therapy was working wonders.

With You Can Help, we want to give the family a chance to continue looking ahead and improving her quality of life.

Both we and Ms Cornelia Völklein would be glad to answer any questions you may have.