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You Can Help is drawing to an end
You still have until 30 April 2019 to donate to YouCanHelp. The donation handover to the Foundation for Children with Cancer in Stuttgart (“Förderkreis für krebskranke Kinder e.V.”) will take [...]
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Follow Jules on her journey through Spain!
It’s been a week since Jules started her journey on the Via de la Plata pilgrimage trail from Sevilla to Santiago de Compostela. She has already had some amazing experiences [...]
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Why January 2019?
The hiking conditions and requirements for the original and new start dates couldn’t be more different.
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What others say about You Can Help?

“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen” (Scott Belsky). The first thing that I thought when I found out about the project was “respect”. Respect for the project, for her courage, for the hardships ahead and for her good heart. I can’t describe it any other way. One thing is certain, Jules, you won’t just be leaving your mark on the trail between Sevilla and Santiago. I’ll be hiking with you in spirit.
What would the world be without someone like Jules? There are people who talk and don’t act. But Jules is a doer; she does what she says she will and also knows what she is putting herself through. I value that in her. I look forward to her reading her posts during the journey so that I know that she’s safe and that she’s on her way to achieving her goal for herself and her causes. I am supporting this project from the bottom of my heart because I know that she’s someone who achieves what she sets out to do!
I couldn’t believe it the first time I heard about this project. I didn’t believe that anyone could make something like this happen. But as the project has come together, I can see that Jules has given everything for it and has inspired others along the way. I wish her all the best as she starts her journey. Stay strong!
One destination, one journey and one great person who is prepared to take the step. The journey will be a long and strenuous one but I know that Jules will put her heart and soul into reaching her destination. She loves this project and is dedicating every minute she can to it. I will be joining her in spirit and look forward to reading about her journey.