At the beginning of 2018, Jules came up with the idea of turning her passion for hiking into something useful by supporting a charity project. And so she decided to hike the Via de la Plata on the Camino de Santiago (also known as the Way of Saint James) and start the You Can Help project.
Although Jules is hiking from Sevilla to Santiago de Compostela alone, she knew she couldn’t do it all on her own, so she found Res to help prepare and support her on her journey through Spain.


My name is Julia Zimmermann, but my friends and colleagues call me Jules. Born in Saxony in 1990 and raised in Thuringia, I moved to Stuttgart in 2008 to live the childhood dream of becoming a policewoman. Justice and helping people are the two things that motivate me every day.

If I had a wish, I would give it away because I’m already lucky enough – I’m healthy.


My name is Theres Günther, but everyone calls me Res. I have lived in Chemnitz all my life. I am passionate about endurance sport and media design, which is why I decided to support the You Can Help project in this way. I will be joining Jules on her last 100 kilometres to the Santiago finish line.

We can only fulfil our dreams once we decide to wake up from them.


„Journeys only exist if we make them“


How did you come up with the idea of hiking the Camino pilgrimage trail for charity?

After hiking the Camino Frances in 2015 and then the Camino Portugues in 2017 which I also wrote a blog for, by the end of 2017 I was itching to get back out on the trail. But this time I didn’t want to hike just for me. I wanted to hike for those who no longer can or never could. That was my first thought – I want to help.
Through my job, I often meet people how are in need of help, and am particularly moved by the stories of children suffering from poverty or severe illness.

Through my grandma and also through the German film “Dieses bescheuerte Herz” about an irresponsible man taking care of one of his father’s ailing patients, I realised that we all become dependent on help at some point, whether we like to or not.

That’s why I decided to help by hiking the Camino pilgrimage trail.

Had you already heard about similar hikes for charity?

Yes. At the beginning of 2016, I heard about a fireman who hiked the trail in full work gear for children with burn injuries.

Why did you choose to contact the Stuttgart Helping Hands Foundation (“Helfende Hände e.V.”)?

I found out about the Stuttgart Helping Hands Foundation during their 2017 Christmas present campaign. Every year, the foundation gifts Christmas presents to countless people in need, including children, families, pensioners, the homeless, and people suffering from illnesses.
I was so impressed by the tireless dedication of Clemens Youngblood and his volunteers that I decided to contact him.




Through him, I found out about the Foundation for Children with Cancer (“Förderkreis für krebskranke Kinder e.V.”), the Blue House and Ms Cornelia Völklein, and so decided to work with both foundations on the charity project.

How are preparations going?

(Laughing) I must admit that I didn’t realise just how much time and effort goes into a project like this.
That’s why I would like to thank Theres Günther for working with me on this project and making the online and print material possible.

It is unbelievable how quickly things are coming together and how many people are prepared to help us.

Is it possible to meet you personally beforehand or will you present the project publicly at some point?

We haven’t planned a public presentation but we are of course available for any requests.

Res and/or I will be taking part in a few events beforehand, such as the 35 km Hike in Jena on 9 June, the Muddy Angel Run in Stuttgart on 21 July and the 9th MMD Charity Run in Weil im Schönbuch on 28 July.